Ford Ranger Accessories For Sale

Woof Needs A Roof

Full range of almost every manufactures hardtop sold here. They arrive in the largest boxes you have ever seen and are carefully colour coded at our workshops across the UK Choose from 7 different styles and brands of hard top.As well as liners and beds

Pick up truck alloy wheels for sale

New Shoes Yeah?

All trucks are available with optional upgraded alloy wheels These make a tremendous difference to the appearance of the vehicle. from 18 to 26 inches . Some are so large the truck will require new arches and a lift kit

Pick up truck bodykits for sale

Do I Look Big In This?

Some of the better looking modified pick up trucks require quite substantial work that takes a while. Hub extenders, wheel arch extensions, lift kits. These all need fitting, painting and road testing. We use only the very best parts and suspensions. The truck will not only look like a contender for mad Max but be great off road too

Tow Bar Fitting

Life Is a Drag.......

We offer a full range of approved towbars fitted ready complete with coded electrics. Since almost all our vans are new often it requires the very latest software to code the towbar to the vehicle. Software that local towbar fitters just do not subscribe to as its too new. Also a range off winches for serious off roaders.

Let There Be Light

Many pick up truck users do do in rural environments that are great for seeing stars but not so good for driving.There are many solutions to this ranging from light bars on the roof to LED bars in bumpers . Even small lights rearward facing for wok trucks ar night.

This is how we roll dog....

roll Bed liners and load bed covers. A choice from a traditional plastic rear liner to the newer painted on types. And rear covers some f which are even electric these days if money is not objection. The variety is immense, from tool carriers to pull out drawers.

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