The Best Ford Ranger Accessories for Personalization and Utility

The Best Ford Ranger Accessories for Personalization and Utility

The premier mid-size pickup, the Ford Ranger is the perfect partner for any adventure outside. The Ford Ranger is a multipurpose vehicle with two or four doors, built to tow large loads, navigate challenging terrain, and offers excellent comfort and lots of room.

Having a 7,500lb hauling capability when outfitted with the optional Trailer Tow package and an abundance of available add-on accessory options, the Ranger—while not being the largest truck in the Ford lineup—is still more than capable of handling any task.

2019 saw the Ranger return to North American manufacturing, and it has since become an essential part of the Ford brand. Check out our list of best Ford Ranger accessories to improve performance and personalize your truck.

12 Best Ford Ranger Accessories

What Ford Ranger utility do you think is worth having to customize your vehicle? For most people, it’s hard to pick the right accessories. However, if you find yourself in this situation, the answer is closer than the air you breathe. Let’s explore the best Ford Ranger accessories you need for your truck.

Load Bed Liner

One of the Ford Ranger accessories you need is the load bed liner. By safeguarding the load bed surfaces on your Ford Ranger, you can preserve the vehicle’s market value and feel more at ease if the vehicle is leased. Truck beds are vulnerable to dents, scratches, and scrapes from cargo that slides in, out, and around them.

You can maximize the cargo area without worrying about compromising the paintwork when installing a bed liner for your automobile. This gives you peace of mind. Not only do famous bed liners have a non-slip surface, but they also have vehicle-specific slots that make it easier to access the tie-down hooks.

Load Bed Liner

Interestingly, you can carry your Dogs comfortably with non-slip bed liners and are great for carrying expensive goods like electronics or antiques. Pickup truck owners who work in construction, trades, or agriculture would profit significantly from the added benefits of certain bed liners, which include protection against chemical and oil spills. Select from an assortment of durable plastic bed liners tailored to your vehicle or go with a BedRug that looks like carpet and offers all the advantages of a conventional plastic bed liner plus more.

Roller Shutters

Tonneau covers are the best option for preserving the vintage pickup truck appearance, whether you want roller shutters or gas-assisted pop-up lids. Tonneau coverings, which are low-profile and installed into the pickup truck’s bed rails, provide owners peace of mind by hiding the load bed section and shielding priceless goods from both rain and robbers.

Load bed coverings come in various materials to meet specific demands, including ultra-robust aluminum and durable ABS plastic. They can be used to cover weekly grocery shopping or to protect tools and equipment. Commonly available tonneau cover choices have part-shut intervals that let you safely store and secure large items like construction supplies or bikes.

Roof Rack

Despite the additional storage provided by a truck bed, finding enough room to fit everything you need for a road trip can still be challenging. In addition, especially if the bed is covered, heavier things like bicycles and kayaks might not fit in your Ranger. In this situation, you need the best Ford Ranger accessories to provide additional storage for your truck.

You may travel with these large items in your truck bed and still have additional capacity for other items by installing a roof rack on top of your car. A roof rack and all the other accessories attached to it will help you get the most out of your Ranger travels!

Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors reduce eye strain from the sun’s glare while keeping out wind and insects. They prevent moisture from entering your cabin even when your windows are half down, and you drive in the rain. It only sometimes follows that the easiest course of action is right. Installing Ford Ranger wind deflectors is a great way to protect your car’s interior from wind and rain while enabling airflow.

Tow Hook

A vehicle’s tow hook is a tool for securely securing and towing your car while driving. Vehicles are hooked and pulled to the garage using specialized tow hooks provided by the towing business.

Particularly concerning your Ranger, it’s best to be safer than sorry. It’s one reason most people opt for genuine Ford Ranger accessories. To ensure a better tow in the event of an off-roading accident, equip your car with tow hooks on the front. To further customize your driving experience, these hooks come in several colors, including red and blue!

Step Bars

It may be challenging to get inside and out of your Ranger, depending on the size of the tires and how high it is off the ground. Step bars provide a practical solution for more straightforward entry and exit of your car. Their slick, premium finishes can also help shield your truck from getting damaged by pebbles when off-roading. They also instantly improve the appearance of your truck.

Grille Kit

It’s hard not to include the Grille kit in our list of the best Ford Ranger accessories. Nowadays, you can find different grille modification kits, which replace the lower and upper grilles on your Ranger and completely change how the pickup looks to make it stand out.

Modern grille kits are expertly created using superior stainless steel woven wire mesh based on a vehicle-specific design. Upgrade grille kits for your truck to improve its appearance and guard against debris damage to your car’s brakes, fans, and heat exchangers—both on and off the road.

Grille Kit


Check that your Ranger is well-maintained and equipped to handle obstacles before going off-road. Most air snorkel protects your engine as you explore whether you’re going to be speeding over dusty terrain or crossing bodies of water. The air snorkel shields your engine from dust and debris accumulation while supplying clean air from a higher source. This reduces the required maintenance between trips and enables your engine to perform more smoothly.

Ranger Roof Light Bars

This tweak is a no-brainer for many Ranger fans, so we had to include it. For less money than a full gas tank, you can blind approaching vehicles and light up your neighbor’s living room. One typical complaint about adding brickwork to your roof is aerodynamics; most roof light mounts will make a whistling sound as the wind picks up speed. However, since you consistently abide by the speed limit restrictions, it doesn’t matter.

Floor Liners

As you have surely found, most people consider the interior of a truck to be like a second home. Today’s mobile lifestyle makes floor liners an excellent way to keep your temporary residence “clean.” Whether something gets dragged inside your truck, floor liners work like a glove to keep the interior dry and clean, whether the car has factory or aftermarket carpets.

The market is filled with a wide range of liners, such as carpet mats that are stain-resistant to shield the interior of your vehicle from daily damage. Slush mats are composed of rubber and have a grooved surface to help gather water, mud, or snow. All-weather heavy-duty liners have a protective layer made of thermoplastic molds or stain-resistant carpeting bases that are easy to clean.

They include a raised edge and a hard tread pattern that prevents dirt and grease. They are constructed of durable, moldable polyethylene.


Adding a winch to your system after giving it significant thought is best. Although they are not cheap, you could not want them after all or find that it would be better to spend your money elsewhere depending on the type of terrain you travel on. An aftermarket winch is the only option for wheeling in the worst circumstances.

The distinction between death and life will come from a successful self-recovery. Research the reputation of the brand and the warranty details before making a winch purchase. There will be other considerations that you need to make.

Twin Drawer System

Twin Drawer System

For many Ford Ranger owners, maintaining a clean, organized, and easily accessible load bed is necessary. A twin drawer system, a well-liked, game-changing pickup truck modification, allows you to maximize the truck bed with easily accessible, ergonomically drawer storage while maintaining total usage of the vehicle bed area.

With all its drawers sliding out to the waist, a twin drawer offers organized, personalized storage space perfect for sporting goods, tools, or shopping supplies. The sturdy, high-density polyethylene system, which is designed specifically for Ford Ranger vehicles, mounts to the truck bed tie-downs already in place, making installation simple and requiring no drilling.

What more?

Are you prepared to add some of the best Ford Ranger accessories to enhance and personalize its functionality? Most Ford Ranger accessories allow you to customize your car with functional features while leveraging Ford’s strength and experience. For a great off-roading experience, combine an off-road air snorkel with a roof rack or install a bed slide and a tonneau cover for a worry-free workday. With several Ford Ranger accessories, you can make your vehicle look unique and attractive.

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