Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200

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Talk about legendary pickup trucks and Mitsubishi L200 cannot be left behind. The latest version of the vehicle, the L200 Series 6, is a significant upgrade to the first variant that was launched back in 1979. For more than 40 years, it has continued to be the go-to choice for buyers looking for that perfect compact pickup truck that is brawny and flexible at the same time.


Whether it is hauling cargo to the work site or spending a relaxing day with family at the beach, the Mitsubishi L200 is built to deliver world-class convenience and comfort. Let’s find out about this celebrated pickup truck in detail –


The All Terrain Master


The Mitsubishi L200 is an off-road beast. The improved 4WD system in the latest version can seamlessly change modes depending on the conditions. From running on the tarmac in 2WD for improved fuel efficiency to locking up the differential power at the back when riding through mud, snow, gravel, or sand, the L200 can do it all.


No matter how steep the terrain or how impossible the climbing angle is, the pickup truck’s spider-like grip ensures adventures like never before. Moreover, the Barbarian variant in Series 6 also has an off-road mode to boost engine output, braking, and transmission to help you conquer even the roughest of terrains with ease. There’s also a Hill Descent Control system and a 360° on selected models for enhanced driving convenience.


Improved Towing Capacity


Looking for a pickup truck to tow heavier cargo? The Mitsubishi L200 is sure to impress. The packhorse capabilities of the vehicle have always been discussed with enthusiasm by pickup aficionados. And it has only gotten better in Series 6. The load capacity in the latest iteration of L200 ranges from 3,960kgs – 4,125kgs depending on the model you choose.


The truck features an improved automatic on/off engine that is WLTP-compliant. Combined with the 6-speed gearbox and the vehicle’s renowned Super Select functionality, you are sure to enjoy an improved driving experience whether it is fuel efficiency or improved grip you’re looking for.


Maximized Space, Maximized Life


Mitsubishi has always laid a great emphasis on offering maximum space with each of its vehicles. And L200 is no different. While the pickup truck falls in the compact category, the legroom it offers is better than other vehicles in the category. A major drawback of many pickup trucks is the awkward and uncomfortable sitting position for the drivers. But L200 has a car-like cabin for improved comfort.


With the Double Cab variant, the back seats can be reclined up to 25° and there is ample headroom too. Moreover, the cabin is also insulated against sound and the engine is naturally quiet to offer a more peaceful driving experience. Rest assured with the Mitsubishi L200 each of your drives, whether for work or pleasure, will offer immense comfort and luxury.


Features Galore


Most buyers choose L200 for its ride quality which is enhanced further in Series 6 with a plethora of features it comes with. Depending on the model you choose, the pickup truck can have central locking, keyless entry, high-end saloon, front and rear electric windows, heated leather seats, heated mirrors, and air conditioning with dual-zone climate control.


Mitsubishi’s attention to the smallest of details is another reason for the extensive popularity of the L200. The truck features remote controlled steering wheel, privacy glass, dusk and rain sensors, and an impressive sound system. Moreover, for hands-free calling, the truck also has Bluetooth functionality.


Safety At Its Peak with Mitsubishi L200


Every new version of L200 has raised the bar for pickup trucks, especially regarding safety. In fact, it was the first pickup truck to introduce the traction control feature to make driving safer, especially on slippery surfaces. Series 6 of the truck come with a host of innovative features, including Forward Collision Prevention, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Alert, and Ultrasonic Mitigation System for mis-acceleration.


While the features sure vary based on the model you choose, it is easy to say whatever model you select, it is sure to come with various features to make your driving experience safer. The vast emphasis on safety along with exceptional build quality, solid all-around performance, and impressive specifications have made the L200 such a legendary pickup truck.


Safer Reversing with Mitsubishi L200


Many accidents occur when reversing the vehicle from the driveway or parking places. To avoid this hazard, L200 comes with reverse sensors. The sensor can detect vehicles behind your truck while reversing and turns the light indicator on to alert you about the same.


That’s not all. To ensure you don’t miss the alert, the door mirror will also blink, a message will appear on the infotainment system, and you’ll also hear an alert sound. All of these features will significantly minimize the chances of such accidents that occur when reversing the vehicle.


Proactive Danger Detection


A lot of times, it is already too late when the driver finally sees the danger in front of the vehicle. There is a need for a system that could sense such dangers in advance. The radar deployed in Mitsubishi L200 is an excellent solution to this problem.


The radar continuously works to detect any obstruction that is in the vehicle’s path up to a certain distance. When such obstructions are detected, the system issues a warning signal. Moreover, brakes are also automatically applied to prevent collision or at least minimize the impact and damage.


Mitsubishi L200 Variants


As mentioned above, the Series 6 L200 is available in multiple variants and the specifications and features vary accordingly. The truck is available in variants like –


  • 4Life Club Cab
  • 4Life Double Cab
  • Trojan
  • Warrior
  • Barbarian
  • Barbarian X

Moreover, for buyers who’d like to add a personal touch to their L200 pickup truck, there are plenty of optional accessories too. Some of the options are –


  • Front bumper black garnish
  • Towbar with 7-pin electrics
  • Retractable cover for tonneau
  • Gray styling bar
  • Bonnet guard
  • Hardtop GST II
Top Features of Mitsubishi L200


Some of the noteworthy features of L200 Series 6 are as follows –


  • Automatic Stop/Go engine
  • Towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes
  • Active stability with traction control
  • Hill descent control
  • Super Select 4WD
  • Air conditioning with climate control
  • Rain and dusk sensors
  • Heated leather seats
  • Privacy glass
  • Safety features like blind spot warning, automatic high beam, etc.

(Note- The features can vary depending on the L200 variant you choose.)


Lease, Rent, or Purchase Mitsubishi L200 in Europe


As one of the most popular pickup trucks in Europe, getting your hands on a new Mitsubishi L200 could be a time-consuming process. A faster alternative can be to lease or rent the truck through Truck Yeah. With one of the largest collections of pickup trucks across Europe, you are sure to find your preferred vehicle with us.


If you’d like to purchase a used pick-up truck in Europe, our vast network of sellers and financers can help you with the purchase. Contact us at 0151 347 7677 or fill up the contact form on our website to get in touch with us. Think pickup trucks, think Truck Yeah.

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Mitsubishi L200

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