New Land Rover Defender

Truck Model: Defender Hard Top

New Land Rover Defender

Defender Hard Top

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Fuel Type





31 mpg

Load Height

600 mm

Load Length


Key Features

Paid Features

Vehicle Description



Combining comfort, convenience, ruggedness and performance, the Land Rover Defender Hard Top is one beast of a ride. This vehicle is made for action – something which is aptly portrayed by its 3.5-ton towing capability and up to 900-millimeter wading capacity.


If you are planning on doing some off-roading or going on a rough and tough adventure trip, the Defender is the ideal vehicle for the job. The roomy load space at the back and the comfortable cabin up front makes the Hard Top an excellent all-rounder. You can stow, store and secure your cargo safely in the back area while settling yourself down for a nice long ride in the three-seat front cabin.


Engine and Performance




Despite the formidable and bulky form factor of the Land Rover Defender, it doesn’t compromise on speed and mobility. There are multiple variants available for the Defender Hard Top, and they come equipped with different engines, including the D200 for the 90 Hard Top variant and the D240, D250 and D300 for the 110 Hard Top. These are all in-line six-cylinder engines.


However, the D200 and D240 are provided by some EU5 markets in the four-cylinder variants as well.




The Land Rover Defender comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to the automatic transmission, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and easy ride without worrying about the nuances of stick shift driving. It also comes with “Intelligent All-Wheel Drive”, which allows the vehicle to shift torque on either one (or both) of the axles according to the terrain and the driving conditions.




Aesthetic and breathtaking as the car as is from the outside, the interior also doesn’t leave much to be desired. The Land Rover Defender Hard Top was made with practicality in mind – ensuring the comfort and ease of the driver as well as the passengers.


The Front Cabin


The interior of Defender Hard Top is divided into two sections – the storage load space at the back and the cabin at the front.

  • Seat Layout

In the front cabin, you get a total of three seats, with two regular driver/passenger ones and a jump seat in the middle. The jump seat can be folded up to become an arm rest and also to give way to a storage section and a pair of cupholders.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard of the Defender Hard Top comes decked out with a 10-inch touchscreen that you can use for navigation purposes and even for using your smartphone’s apps on the go. The touchscreen device also has a voice-recognition feature that allows you to easily control it while keeping your hand on the wheel.


Other than the touchscreen on the dashboard, you also get to enjoy a large digital display behind the steering wheel itself.

  • Climate Control and Heating System

On top of all these features, the Land Rover Defender Hard Top makes the driving experience even more comfortable by offering dual-zone climate control and 8-way heated seats.


The Rear Load Space


The front cabin is the smaller and more limited area of the Defender’s interior. Most of the space is taken up by the back loading space.

  • Space Capacity

In the Defender Hard Top 90 variant, there is a total of 1,355 liters of space at the back whereas the 110 variant comes with around 41% more space i.e., at 2,059 liters.

  • Bulkhead Partition

The back area is cordoned off from the front cabin with a partition wall. Thanks to the partition, you can enjoy a safe driving experience without worrying about any of the stored items invading the front area in the event of a sudden stop, or when going through a bumpy patch.

  • Lighting & Visibility

However, the partition wall does come with a mesh-like screen that you can look through whenever needed. The back area also has a convenient lighting system that makes all the stored items easily visible.

  • Storage Spaces and Niches

There are different storage spaces made into the rear loading area. The Defender 90 comes with a 58-liter lockable underfloor storage situated near the tailgate whereas the Defender 110 also comes with an additional 155-liter underfloor storage close the rear side doors.


In the Defender 110, the underfloor storage near the front can be accessed both via the doors at the top or the smaller ones at the sides.


Other than the “underground” storing options, there is also a small storage niche on the tailgate that you can use for stowing away something minor.


What makes the back area of the Defender Hard Top is that apart from all these storage areas, there are some tethering/connection points that can be used for securing cargo. There are two or four of such hooks near the top of the back area at the bulkhead partition and there are similar latching points on the floor as well.




Belonging to the iconic Rover family, there isn’t anything less than an elegant body and outstanding features that you can expect on the exterior of the Defender Hard Top. Like the interior, the exterior of this vehicle also comes studded with excellent features.


The Tailgate


The tailgate is one of most feature-rich parts of the Defender Hard Top i.e., among the external components. First off, the tailgate comes with a holding bracket that can carry a full-size spare wheel for the vehicle. The windows of this rear door are also wide and spacious, allowing an easy view from the inside.


One of the most convenient features of the tailgate is the gesture opening. Thanks to this feature, you can easily open the door without pulling a handle or operating a latch. In fact, you don’t even have to use your hands. This can be particularly handy if you’re carrying something in your hands that you don’t want to place on the ground and do want to place in the rear loading space.


Here is how the gesture tailgate works. All you have to do is approach the rear end of the vehicle with the smart key on your person. Then, you have to make a “kicking” gesture underneath one of the sensors. During the “kicking” motion, you just have to bring your foot underneath the sensor, hold it there for a moment and then bring it back.


Once this gesture is successfully recognized, the tailgate will open after the flashing of the indicator lights.


Headlight Adjusting


This is yet another useful feature that you can enjoy with the Defender Hard Top. The headlight adjusting allows the vehicle to lower the headlight beam if it happens to be heavily loaded.


If the rear space is loaded with a lot of cargo, it will automatically put some weight on the back of the vehicle, which would make the headlights point somewhat upwards during the ride. However, the headlight adjusting feature turns the beam downwards on its own. It off-sets the imbalance caused in the beam due to the weight at the back.


Aesthetic Vehicle Body


Last but not least, we can’t really end up our description here without talking about the aesthetics of the Land Rover Defender Hard Top.


Coming to the front of this vehicle, you’ll enjoy the rough and tough look of the front bumpers, the packed grille and the round LED lights.


The black accents extend to the side as well, creating a stylish look on the lower parts of the doors and the wheel well. The white contrasting roof “tops” off everything nicely.

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New Land Rover Defender

Fuel Type





31 mpg

Load Height

600 mm

Load Length


New Land Rover Defender

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