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Truck Brand: SSangyong

Truck Model: Musso

SsangYong Musso



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The SsangYong Musso is a dual-cabin Ute that comes with outstanding performance and a host of impressive features. There are a lot of reasons that make it an excellent vehicle to lease/buy, especially if you’re someone who has to travel around frequently with family or friends.


Unlike other Utes and pick-ups, the Musso comes with a “dual cabin” seating space, and a large roomy tonneau. This vehicle doesn’t compromise on passenger space or on storage options.


There are different versions and variants available for the Musso, such as the XLV pack (which comes with a large rear storage area), the manual transmission variant as well as the automatic one.


Engine and Performance




The SsangYong Musso comes with a 2.2L turbo diesel engine that provides a maximum power of 133kW at 4,000 RPM and a maximum torque of 400Nm. This vehicle comes with an excellent fuel consumption average of 7.9 – 9.0 liters per 100 KM, which makes it an ideal companion for long road trips.


If you are looking to buy/lease a vehicle for traveling long distances such as cross-city trips, the SsangYong Musso is an ideal choice to go for.




The transmission is one of the most impressive features provided by the Musso. Normally, 4WD vehicles can come in complete manual transmission variants, requiring the driver to constantly shift gears every now and then during the drive. This can be, by all means, an excellent plus for a lot of drivers. But for others, especially beginners, it can be a downside.


On the other hand, there are some 4WD vehicles that come equipped with smart gear-shifting technology, which enables them to automatically control and manage the axle load as per the driving conditions. Such vehicles can go to the other end of the spectrum and deprive the drivers of the somewhat enjoyable control of the front and rear gear system.


The SsangYong Musso is the middle mark between these two types. It provides the ease of traditional automatic/manual transmissions and allows the drive to enable the 4WD mode when needed. In other words, you can drive around with the standard 2-wheel drive mode when on normal terrain, and when the need presents itself, you can shift to the 4-wheel drive mode and enjoy better control of the drivetrain.


The transmission on the Musso is 6-speed, which means that there are a total of 6-forward gears coupled with the standard reverse.




Other than the raw performance that you can enjoy with the SsangYong Musso, the features sported by the interior and exterior are nothing short of excellent. Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the features that you can enjoy on the inside of this Ute.


Leather Steering Wheel


This is one of the most remarkable and touted features that you can see on the inside of the Musso. The elegant leather steering wheel does more than just look good. It also comes with a heating feature, which ensures that it’s never too cold and uncomfortable to hold on to.


Plus, since the material used for the wheel is leather, it provides an excellent grip that you can rely on without worrying about your hands slipping and sliding around the whole thing.


The steering wheel also comes equipped with a range of different buttons and rockers for features such as audio controls and Cruise Control.


Behind the wheel is the digital instrument cluster. The digital cluster can be switched between different screens and modes to show the info/data of your choice and need.


Touchscreen Unit and Connection Ports


Moving over to the left of the steering wheel and the instrument cluster, the SsangYong Musso sports an 8-inch touch-screen device embedded in the center of the dashboard. The device supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allows you to use your Apple or Android device safely and more easily during your ride.


Underneath the touchscreen device is the A/C control unit, which is followed by the port panel containing the standard AUX slot, USB slot, and power outlet.


Thanks to the useful port combination and the touchscreen itself, you can easily charge and use your mobile devices on the go. The USB ports provide you with the ease of directly plugging in the charging adapter instead of using the standard car charger i.e., the one that is used via the lighter port.


Heated and Ventilated Front Seats


Driving comfort is something you can easily snag with the SsangYong Musso. The front seats of this Ute come equipped with ventilation and heating capabilities. When needed, you can turn on the ventilation function to create a nice airy flow around yourself. And when needed, you can turn on the heating function to get warm and cozy. This is, of course, on top of the standard air conditioning that you will get to enjoy during the drive.




Now that we’re done looking at the inside, let’s move to what the Musso provides on the outside. As we said, this vehicle is feature-rich everywhere, whether it’s the engine, the interior, or the exterior.


Dual Cabin + Tonneau


Although we’ve mentioned it above, the excellent passenger space and storage options do deserve to be reiterated here again.


The SsangYong Musso comes with a dual-cabin passenger area with two seats in the front and three at the back. Rather than totally focusing on enlarging the tonneau area, the Musso splits it evenly. You can easily take this vehicle for a ride if you want to travel with your family or a group of friends. And, you can just as easily use this vehicle if you have to carry around some heavy cargo/equipment.


Coming to the tonneau itself, the exact dimensions of the tub can differ depending on the model/variant that you purchase. The XLV pack, for example, comes with an additional 300mm of tub space, which translates to 251L.




Lighting is something that the Musso especially focuses on. At the back of the Ute, the long rear lights are more or less typical. But, coming to the front, the lighting arrangement is impressive and elaborate.


To start off, the front of the vehicle comes with two fog lights placed beneath the main headlights. Thanks to the fog lights, you can easily drive in low visibility conditions.


Above the fog lights is the main headlight unit. The unit consists of a main headlamp as well as turn indicators. There is also a DRL (daytime running light) in both headlight units. The DRLs work even during the daytime, and they primarily serve the function of making your car easily visible to the other drivers on the road.


But, of course, the SsangYong Musso takes the lighting a step further than mere necessity. The DRL can, apart from performing its main function (of improving visibility), also give the vehicle a stylish look.


Wheels and Tyres


The SsangYong Musso comes with 18-inch alloy wheels and has an in-built tyre pressure monitoring system. Thanks to the alloy construction, the wheels can provide you with a comfortable driving experience and last for a long time. Plus, using the TPMS, you can easily keep an eye on the pressure level in the tyres so that it never drops below average without you getting aware of it.

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SsangYong Musso

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