What are the best exterior lights for my pickup truck?

If you are planning to give a major upgrade to your pickup truck, then there are endless ways in which you can customize your truck with the use of the right accessories. Customizing your truck is more like creating a masterpiece. Whenever you think of truck lighting ideas, it is obvious that your mind would naturally drift toward major installations on your vehicle. However, with small changes, you can create a major upgrade.

LED underbody lights

Including under-body LED lights can give your truck a major opportunity to customize your vehicle. These are available in almost every color you can imagine and you can create a look that is unlike any other. These illuminate the ground underneath your vehicle as well as the wheel wells and undercarriage. Whether you want green, blue, red, or a clean bright white light, you will find an underbody LIGHT kit that is apt for your style. You can even try mixing and matching lights by placing one color on the front and one on the back.

Include LED strips to your running board

This is yet another fairly inexpensive way to upgrade your pickup truck’s look by including an LED light strip on your truck’s running board on both the passenger and driver sides. LED strips are available in a multitude of colors and can be customized to your heart’s desires. Moreover, LED light strips come in different sizes so that you can create unique patterns. This not just makes your running board look awesome, but also includes an extra element of safety by illuminating the step when it is dark outside. This will lower the chance of falls and slips.

LED tailgate bars

You can add some light to the back of your truck’s exterior by investing in an LED tailgate bar. This is another lighting idea that provides safety as well as styles up your truck. You can also illuminate portions of your truck with mini-LED tailgate bars depending on whatever suits your style.

Include an illuminated emblem

If you are planning to deck your ride with LED light strips and underbody lights, then you can consider finishing the look by installing an illuminated emblem. You can match the colors with any contrasting color light. Illuminated emblems will allow you to show off your vehicle make and model with pride.

Upgrade to strobing cab roof lights

If your pickup has pre-installed cab roof lights and planning an upgrade, or simply just want to make an addition to your truck, you can consider going for cab roof lights that come with a roofing function. The strobe function imparts an ultimate flare to your truck thereby grabbing the attention of passersby.

Upgrade the projector headlights

If you are looking for a major upgrade to your pickup truck, then the best way to do it is by installing a set of brand-new projector headlights. These promise a superior performance when compared to their traditional reflector headlight counterparts thereby ensuring better safety on the road. These come in a variety of styles so you can pick the part that matches the look of your truck.

Install LED tail lights

Upgrading your truck’s tail light makes sense once you make the switch to projector headlights. LED tail lights are brighter in comparison to halogen tail lights thereby emitting a brighter and cleaner light that other drivers can see further in the distance. You can also include features such as a blind spot warning system and strobing LED turn signals that can transform a truck that is years old into looking fresh off the lot.

Illuminate the license plate

If you still want to make a major style reform to your pickup truck, then consider purchasing an illuminated license plate frame. You can keep the design basic and straightforward by ensuring that the light shines on your license plate. You can also go for an accessory that has bells and whistles. Choose a licensed plate that comes complete with brake and reverse lights for ensuring added safety.

Invest in a set of driving lights

If your pickup truck didn’t come with any pre-installed driving lights, then you can consider installing universal driving lights on the front. This would ensure better night-time vision. This is a great idea for drivers who love going off-road. If you drive through dimly lit paths often, then it is a must to include driving lights.

Invest in colorful red bail led lights

If you don’t fancy using flexible LED light strips to illuminate your pickup truck bed, here is another great option you can consider. Bed rail LED lights also come in a variety of colors and there are even models that provide you with the ability to select the color LED. With a handheld remote, you can control the color and activation of your cargo bed LEDs. Turn these on whenever you need some extra light in the back.

Upgrade to an LED 3rd brake light

Once you make the switch to LED tail lights on your truck, the difference in light quality will be clear to see. Upgrade the LED color to a look that would match the style.

Utility lights

These lights are used to enhance basic functions around the vehicle. Including adequate light on the exteriors of your pickup truck makes parking in the dark, wrenching in the field, and walking around the camp a lot easier. If your pickup truck doesn’t come with engine bay lights, then you can consider mounting a set of scene lights under the hood. These flush-mount lights emit a diffused glow when angled perfectly. This eliminates rings and spots without shining in your eyes while working in the engine bay.

You can also consider using rock lights as utility lights as they are durable and versatile. Installing a set of rock lights on the front wheels works like magic. This makes it easier to inspect the suspension components. Moreover, if you are stepping out or rock crawling at night, then the area is fully lit. You can also place another set of rock lights between the rear-passenger door and the driver door right in the center of the vehicle. This is great for passengers exiting the vehicles at night. This is because the surrounding ground is lit before your boots touch the ground.

You can set the third set of rock lights on the back. If you angle them outward, then the light spills around the truck. This results in a 360-degree illuminated path that eliminates the need for a headlamp. For improved visibility, you can also install a set of reverse lights on your pickup truck.

In summary  

There are numerous ways in which you can use exterior lights for your pickup truck. This doesn’t just improve the aesthetics but also serves practical purposes. Always go for high-quality truck lamps that light up the road perfectly each time. This would not just boost your performance but would also improve your safety as well.

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